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The Health Companion is a new way of helping patients take more control in the management of their mesothelioma. It is very easy for patients to use and enables them to keep a diary of symptoms and how they are coping and feeling.

They can choose to share this with both care providers and family.  We think it will prove invaluable for patients and ultimately will help improve outcomes. 

We are asking Mesothelioma nurses to enrol patients. By encouraging people to take part, you will contribute greatly into improving the management of patients, enhancing NHS services, and providing new opportunities for research into new cancer medicines.

Before enrolling patients you will need to:

  1. Read the patient section of the website and watch the help videos. 

  2. Fill out the form (right) and we will send you a link to a Nurse Demo version of the Health Companion. Within one working day you will receive an email with your login details. Go to your phone or tablet APP store (or use the link in the email),

  3. Download the Demo Health Companion app to your phone or iPad. Search for the 'Your Health Companion' or 'MESOUK' on the app store. (You can also access it on your PC here.) Use your email and password we send you to login. Change the password to something more memorable at your first opportunity.

  4. Read the enrolment steps to understand the onboarding process, and see the video/slides below.

Any problems with downloading or logging into the app, please email

Please complete this form to receive login details to a  'Demo' (demonstration) version of the Health Companion.

On what device(s) do you anticipate demonstrating it:

Thanks for submitting.Your login details will be emailed to you shortly !

Enrolling Patients onto the Health Companion

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If you're unable to read the presentation above, you can read enrolment steps below.

Step 1: Tell patients about it

During your normal clinical practice, tell your patients about the Health Companion (HC). Outline the benefits and give them a patient information flyer. Ask them if they would like to enrol. 

*Please remember we are looking to recruit all patient types across the ‘pathway’ that reflects the national population of lung cancer patients.

Step 2: Show them how it works

Demonstrate how the HC works by using the Nurse Demo HC app on your phone or show them the HC video on the patient website.

Answer any patient questions. If there is a question you can't answer, you can contact the Health Companion Manager

Step 3: Complete patient enrolment form

When the patient has agreed to proceed, give them the patient enrolment form to read.

Consent form: The patient needs to complete the Consent section, sign and date it. 

Clinical assessment form: Once the patient has given consent, you need to complete the nurse clinical assessment form. *

This needs to be completed in full. Incomplete forms cannot be processed by the HC Manager.

Step 4: Return the patient enrolment form

Send the completed patient enrolment form (8-pages), including the clinical assessment and the patient consent forms. Post to the HC Manager using the prepaid envelope provided either via the internal hospital mail or using standard post. Keep a record of the patient's name and send an email to the informing them it's in the post.

This needs to be done immediately so patients receive their link to the Health Companion as soon as possible. Please keep all forms secure at all times to protect patient privacy.

Step 5: Next steps and support

Encourage patients to use the HC monthly and bring it with them to appointments, so that they can share their data with you. Inform patients they will be fully supported and will receive:

e-mail/text message with details of how they download and login to the HC and a call from the HC Manager within the first two-weeks to help them get started. 

If they have further questions or technical difficulties there is a dedicated HC Manager on hand to assist them. 

Tel: 0116 218 5718



If you have any questions that you would like answering, please send them to We will post all FAQ's here.

1. Who do I call if a patient is having issues using the Health Companion?

- Within the Health Companion and on the website there is 'help' and 'frequently asked questions' to help patients to use the app. Or, if they prefer, they can contact the dedicated Health Companion Manager


tel: 01675 477607

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